Chocolate and its Health Benefits!Chocolate and its Health Benefits!

Dear Readers, Hope you all doing good. Today we are discussing one of our favorite first childhood loved snacks which is Chocolate’s. when we were kids our parents introduce us to a heavenly delight which is a “Chocolate”. But do you know there are many chocolate health benefits hidden behind its creamy sweetness?

We love chocolate eating “Chocolate” from our childhood.

It’s a magic of Bitter Cocoa Beans which extracted from Cocoa Fruit, Dried & Fermented Cocoa Beans melt is the base of chocolate. And by adding sweetener turns it into our favorite & delightful Desert which called “Chocolate”.

Chocolate and its Health Benefits!
Chocolate is best food for Health & Soulful Eating

Eating Chocolate have many Benefits?

  1. Chocolates emotionally connected with us due to its magical taste which makes us comfortable while eating & eases our mind thoughts. It makes it a Best Stress Reliever & Mood Enhancer.
  2. Cocoa beans Full of Antioxidants, Iron, Magnesium & Potassium Zinc, Protein, Fiber, Flavone & Carbohydrates, which helps to energize our body & lowering the heart diseases & cholesterol.
  3. Chocolate Helps to increase energy & helps stomach related diseases.
  4. Cocoa bean haves’ anti-cancer properties, it also helps in Blood pressure & cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Eating Chocolate relaxes our blood circulation & helps in decreasing the threat of Heart Attack.
  6. Eating Dark Chocolate also leads to weight loss & cholesterol lowering.
  7. Chocolates helps to slow down our ageing process due to its rich antioxidants.
  8. Chocolate helps to maintain the healthy blood sugar level upon limited consumption by a healthy person.
  9. Vitamin A Contents in Chocolates helps to improve your hair health.
  10. The bioactive compounds and flavonoids in dark chocolates helps to improve skin health and protects from sun damages.
  11. According to a scientific study cocoa flavonoid present in chocolate helps to improve neurological functions and improves positive vibes and memory enhancement.

To Overlook before eating Chocolate

  1. Chocolate contains the same properties what a Pumpkin Seed, but we prefer chocolate due to its taste & preparation, Roasting Pumpkin Seed also gives the same benefits as what we got from Cocoa Beans, But Who Eats Pumpkin Seed? No One, We love Chocolate?
  2. More sweatiness in Chocolate threats in increasing cholesterol & Sugar level in the body, harmful for health & teeth.
  3. Cocoa Bean contains cadmium and intake of more cadmium daily may lead to kidney disease & other toxic effects on the body.
  4. Chocolates with excessive sugar contains should avoided as it may cause diabetes and blood sugar related issues.

Which Type of Chocolate to eat?

  1. Eating Dark Chocolate which contains 70% of more Cocoa Extract beneficial for our health bu getting all the essentials of Cocoa beans.
  2. Chocolate contains less than 50% of Cocoa Power may lead to an increase in sugar level & fats not good for eating daily.
  3. Most of the companies who produce chocolate provide more sweat in their chocolate because everybody loves to sweat over bitter taste, but it’s true that those not beneficial for losing weight.
  4. Milk Chocolates or Chocolate which contains Lower Cocoa percentage good for body weight gain and Dark Chocolate helps in lowering cholesterol.

Hope the above information on eating chocolate will increase your curiosity over chocolate eating and its Health Benefits.

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